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Don't Let Your Guard Down When Away From Home

If you'll be traveling over the holidays and staying in motels or hotels, please practice these simple safeguards:

  • Locate the emergency exits and stairs nearest your room.
  • Always use the main entrance, especially when out late at night.
  • Keep room keys out of view and never disclose your room number to strangers.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are always locked.  If someone knocks, verify identification before letting them in.
  • Travel with as few valuables as possible. Lock those you brought in motel or hotel safety deposit box.
  • Use caution in the parking lot when walking to or from your vehicle.  Always stay in lighted areas.

Here's another tip for your well being if traveling by air.  Airplane cabins are pressurized to about the same as mile-high Denver, Colorado.  An alcoholic beverage you drink will have a 50% greater affect than the same amount would have at sea level.