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Preventing Frozen Water Pipes

Colder weather increases the chance that your water pipes might freeze, especially if
you have the gas service disconnected at a vacation home over the winter. Here are some tips to help you avoid or deal with the problem:

For normal precautions:

• Insulate exposed pipes with heat tape, newspapers or rags.
• Place a 60-watt light bulb close to the water meter to keep it from freezing.
• If pipes are close to an exposed outside wall, open the cabinet door to let room
heat in.
• Use a hair dryer or turn up the heat in your home to 75 degrees to thaw a pipe; do not
use a torch.
• If a pipe bursts, shut off the main valve, usually located near the meter.
• Be aware that leaks sometimes don’t show up until a pipe thaws, when they can
cause extensive damage to plaster walls.

If you’ll be away for the winter:

• Drain pipes completely.
• Pour a cup of antifreeze into the draintraps, toilet bowls and tanks.
• Make sure the main shut-off valve is turned off.
• Open all faucets.
• Drain the hot water tank.

Source: Columbuia Gas of Ohio


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