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Why Choose an Independent Agent?

What's the difference between a Direct Agent, a Captive Agent, and an Independent Insurance Agent?


No relationship with your insurance agent and 1 choice of insurance company

Geico is a direct insurance agent.


Relationship with your insurance agency, but still only 1 choice of insurance company.

State Farm and Allstate are captive insurance agents.


Relationship with your agent and multiple companies to choose/shop from.

NuStar Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agent.

An independent insurance agency like NuStar Insurance Agency represents insurance companies who choose to distribute their insurance products through independent agencies as opposed to setting up their own stores or just choosing to sell online which leaves you the consumer without an advocate in times when you need one the most.

This creates the most efficient way to shop for the consumer who doesn’t have the time to make multiple phone calls to different captives and direct writers of insurance when they can call an independent agency who represents a lot of the top insurance companies and give them their information one time and know the independent agency will shop to get them the best coverage’s and price combination they can.